The Phoenician Galley built from precious Cedar Wood.
We are the rowers, God’s people, rowing in the Third Millennium.
God created us to grow & flourish like the Cedars (Ps 104:16).
So that from a tiny seed, we might reach our full potential
under the Patronage of Our Lady guiding us towards her Son, Jesus.


Download the Phoenicia and the Phoenician Civilization in PDF format

History tells us that the Canaanites, a tribe of Semitic origin, were first to inhabit the Lebanese shores. The Canaanites who traded with the Greeks became know by them as Phoenicians. Lebanon started to be called such by name sometime in the third Millennium before Christ, when reference is made to the Pharaohs of Egypt importing cedar wood from the mountains of Lebanon. The term Phoenicia, from the Greek Phoenix, like the spirit of the Phoenix, the bird which, from the ashes came alive, the Phoenicians have the spirit to challenge distance and turmoil. Seeking trading partners, the Phoenicians sailed further away from the shores of Lebanon, confident in their legendary vessels crafted in solid cedar wood.

It was the Phoenicians who discovered America before Christopher Columbus, Brazil & parts of Africa, particularly, the most southern point of the Cape. An archaeological excavation on the Cape Flats can prove ships from the Mediterranean docked in the Cape long before Bartholomew Diaz and Vasca da Gama; the history of oceanic travel around the Cape of Good Hope will have to be rewritten. The wood was sent for radiocarbon dating, which produced a possible date of AD 110 proving that the Lebanese ancestors have been in South Africa a lot longer than 100 years.

The Phoenician/Lebanese’s greatest contribution to humanity is the discovery of the alphabet; they gave the world the twenty-two "magic signs" called the alphabet, the first developed system of modern writing and numerical figures, and taught humankind the art of stone building and glass manufacturing. The Maronites began arriving in South Africa from the 1896.


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