Dear Coordinator, Members and Friends of St. Charbel Society,

St. Charbel Helping Hand is an organisation operating under the
umbrella of the Maronite Catholic Church, and interacting with the
Lebanese community throughout South Africa. With the esteem of the
Maronite community and the support of the priests, it consists of
four teams, seventeen committees, the assistants of the priests and doctors.

The organisation is divided into the following main categories:
1. Support Team: planning, administration, library, Audio-Visual Collection.
2. Visitation: which attend to prisoners, the sick, the elderly and the poor.
3. Consolation: which assists in comforting, counselling and burial arrangements.
4. Helping Hand: which provides medical assistance and assistance in work seeking and project development.
5. Counselling: which attends to the needs of disabled persons; Drugs and Alcohol; Pro-Life, as well as general counselling.
St. Charbel Helping Hand Society provides a base from which the team and friends
of St. Charbel work together, hand in hand, to serve our community and bring healing
to each one of us.

The aim of the St. Charbel Helping Hand Society is to provide relief and succor to
those in need. It is the charitable arm of our parish community, through which many
less fortunate individuals and families from the Maronite community, and the community
at large benefit.

Among those who benefit from donations are the physically and mentally disadvantaged,
those without employment and the aged and infirm. Funds for education are also available
on request, if the financial situation of the petitioner requires such aid.

May the Good LORD and St. Charbel bless you.

(Spiritual Director)

"Saint Charbel loved Christ in silence, teach the world to love Jesus aloud."

"Actions Speak Louder Than Words"


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