Maronite Catholic Church
Mission Statement

Served by the congregation of the Maronite Lebanese Missionary Fathers
To live our Maronite, Antiochene, Syriac Spirituality
As a Family Church
By living the Gospel of Life
Of our Blessed Lord Jesus & Our Blesses Mother Mary.
A Sacramental & Family Prayerful Life
By following the example of
Our Patron Father, Saint Maroun
With The One Holy Catholic & Apostolic Church.

MARONITES are called to
Magnify; Maturity; Membership; Mission; & Ministry

One Faith One Family One Church
One Community One People One Purpose

Are you a Church Member or a Church Attender?

God is Love:

Give in love

"There is a very special and pitiable form of poverty:
The poverty of selfishness, the poverty of those who have and will not share,
of those who could be rich by giving but choose to be poor by keeping everything
they have." ~ Pope John Paul II

Sharing and caring, the meaning of giving.

We celebrate our Faith as a worshipping community.
God's power to live on.

We educate God's People through formation.
God's principles to live by.

We participate together as members of God's Family.
God's people to live with.

We live God's living word together.
God's purpose to live for.

We proclaim God's Love through service.
God's Profession to live out.

Together, Today & Tomorrow.

The 3 T'S

Time = Love

Love one another as I have loved you.

The time God gives us on earth is limited, unpredictable &
fleeting. Good caretakers recognize time as a blessing
from God, are grateful for this very precious gift, and with
open hearts and hands willingly share part of these limited
moments with or for others.

Michael and Glyn, a compassionate Maronite family
who give of their time. Michael takes time from his business on
Tuesdays to visit the sick. Glyn spends many hours
working at a children's home. They spend their weekends
assisting at Masses and always say that the church is their life.

Talent = Faith

Faith in each other.

Talent embraces those natural gifts we inherit at birth, but it
also includes the formation, training and experiences that
we bring to the present moment. Sharing them with
others understandably requires a donation of our time.
The emphasis on talent adds a unique dimension to this
aspect of good undertaking.

Adele, Isabel, Carole & Desiree, mothers, wives and
businesswomen, give of their time & talent by teaching our
children Catechism and enhancing our celebrations
through the choir. To provide Our Families with a Catholic
spiritual, social, educational and cultural environment,
sharing together Christ's love.

Treasure = Hope

Hope is for a better tomorrow.

Treasure refers to resources which we have at our disposal.
These monies may come from a weekly paycheck, annual
salary or part time-job. Good caretakers willingly give
a sacrificial part of their income for building up the
Church and helping the poor.

"Out of God's gifts, we make gifts to God."
~ St Augustine

A five year old boy excitingly, with a big smile, puts his R2 in the weekly
collection basket; a newly-employed young lady gives her love offering by
pledging R50 monthly teaching our youth to share; a single working
woman offers R100 a month; a family give their contribution of R300 a
month; a retired pensioner gives a monthly donation of R75; many
successful businessmen pledge R500 & R1000 per month, all through the
debit order system.

They consider themselves blessed and see "sacrificial giving" as a way
to share their blessing with others.

Not equal gift but equal sacrifice.

O Lord, accept my offering as a pledge of my love for You and in
exchange for my earthly gifts grant me the gift of eternal life.



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